• Num:114
  • Type:mosaic pin pad/
  • Origin:Guangdong
  • Packing size:L410*W305*H55mm
  • Package:Packed in carton packaging
  • Age:More than 5 years old
  • Material:PP, safe,non-toxic
  • Battery:none

Product features and selling points

The children can make a variety of patterns in accordance with the instructions or freedom imagination to better exercise little muscles of the young, the fingers can do meticulous action harmonically; if you have the time to accompany your baby to play, it is even better, and this is the best parent-child game.

Train the baby’s ability to take, hold and grip things as well as practical ability through the jointing action; let the baby recognize various commonly used colors and shapes to improve the baby’s interest, and enhance the putting, combination and arrangement of building blocks, creative imagination space and practical ability for the children.