• Num:80069
  • Type:Intelligent/
  • Origin:GUANGDONG
  • Packing size:L311*W227*H90mm
  • Package:Packed in carton packaging
  • Age:More than 36 months
  • Material:PP,ABS, safe,non-toxic
  • Battery:3 “AAA”(no included)

Product features and selling points

Tinker train: The train is a bit funny, bright colors, beautiful music, can induce the baby to touch, to chase, you 

can exercise your baby's hand and leg muscle development. Toy trains can identify different roles; insert a 

doll, click the train that will start; Press doll can adjust the speed of the train itself; nose when the train hit an 

obstacle, the train will stop; when the train is stationary, press will be issued under the nose tingle sound; train 

listen to the next few seconds, and then re-start.