• Num:11001A
  • Type:Touch car/
  • Origin:Guangdong
  • Packing size:L250*W105*H140mm
  • Package:Packed in carton packaging
  • Age:More than 12 months
  • Material:PP,ABS,safe,non-toxic
  • Battery:3AG13(included)

Product features and selling points

This series takes construction engineering car as the theme, gives the life image to the cartoon, and makes seemingly cold engineering car instantly become lovely and full of affinity.

Showy colors combination and round appearance design can better win the children’s favor.

Independent touch keys hide the functions in every corner of the toy, and make toy itself have more mysterious fun.

When the switch key on the left side of car body is pressed, the machine startup sound is triggered and car roof lights will flash.

When the car roof key is touched, the sound of horns and machine operation is made; when the cartoon mouth on the headstock is touched, the lovely baby laughter is given and the music is played.

The design of car light on the top makes engineering car shine great brilliancy.

The development of this series of engineering car intends to allow children to fully experience the fun to do a little engineer.