• Num:10017B
  • Type:Tool/
  • Origin:Guangdong
  • Packing size:L390*w315*H50mm
  • Package:12PCS tool accessory sets the milky cover film box
  • Age:More than 2 years old
  • Material:PP,ABS, safe,non-toxic
  • Battery:none

Product features and selling points

Exercise the flexibility of the hands and teach the baby how to tighten this screw with a screwdriver, how to unscrew this screw, as well as the use method of hammer and wrench.

Exercise the coordination ability of hands and eyes, let the baby do himself/herself frequently, and improve the flexibility of the baby’s fingers.

Learn to use the tools, develop the baby’s independent creative ability, and cultivate his/her sense of accomplishment.

Combine actual tools to compare and know the shapes and use methods, and exercise the children’s observation ability and combination ability.