• Num:65050
  • Type:Electron/
  • Origin: Guangdong
  • Packing size:Steering wheel
  • Package:Packed in carton packaging
  • Age:More than 24 months
  • Material: PP, ABS, safe, non-toxic
  • Battery:2XAA general electric (included)

Product features and selling points

    Funny small headstock: the children must love this cute little headstock; beating small horns, startup sound of twisting car keys, acceleration and braking sound as well as lights flashing will make the children happily enjoy the driving fun. The children can control freely and their independent exploring ability is enhanced in the game.

    Good friend phone: this is the children’s first private mobile phone, fully enable children to experience various funs brought by playing the phone. It includes incoming call chord, message prompt sound, playback prompt sound and photo acousto-optic effect, and the music is rich and full of fun.