• Num:204
  • Type:Knitting wool/
  • Origin:Guangdong
  • Packing size:L200*W175*H55mm
  • Package:Packed in carton packaging
  • Age:More than 5 years old
  • Material:Wool, high pressure material
  • Battery:none

Product features and selling points

It takes distinctive color as the main body, has simple and lovely styling, and adds the children’s interesting to your home life. Sometimes we have a small space, everything is out of order on the table, cannot be found when we need it, and these problems can be solved after we have cross embroidery storage box.

The children over the age of 5 can carry out three-dimensional knitting under the guidance of parents; when one family do one thing together, it will exercise the children’s practical ability and creativity, and also increase the interaction of parents and children, enhance the feelings of children and parents, the family jointly enjoy this wonderful parent-child time.